We could not have got over A’s death without your help. Rather than fighting we are now helping each other through each painful day  S&S Surrey 2006


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Relationship Therapy

Relationship TherapyAt the heart of our lives lie our relationships with those around us, family, friends, partners and colleagues. Whilst frequently bringing great joy and the opportunity for personal development, when difficulties arise, strained relationships can equally leave you feeling unhappy, trapped, angry, and desperate.

Whether you come with your partner or alone, whether you are gay or straight, married or single, Maggie offers you a safe and confidential space in which to openly and honestly explore your difficulties and increase your confidence, understanding and enjoyment of your relationships.

Relationship counselling with Maggie Heap will involve:

  • Understanding and exploring how past patterns of relating impact your relationships
  • Help to find the best way to communicate your difficulties
  • Help to start mending things when one of you feels deeply hurt or betrayed
  • Help to rediscover passion and romance and overcome sexual difficulties
  • Help to separate and rebuild a new life if that’s what you need to do.

Maggie also works with couples who have been jointly affected by a trauma. She provides the couple with skills to support each other through the effects of the trauma and find new meanings in their relationship and their lives.

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