You are gentle but strong and reassuring. I am no longer haunted by the rape. Thank you very much Maggie, I’m on the right road again
KL London 2009


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Understanding Trauma

Understanding TraumaTrauma can come into our lives from many different routes. It can affect you directly if you are involved in a traumatic event or indirectly, when something traumatic happens to those close to you.

Trauma effects arise from being involved in a sudden, overwhelming and serious incident or from childhood abuse or neglect. Symptoms may affect you immediately or be delayed and appear months or, sometimes, years later.

Understanding how trauma affects us psychologically and physically and learning how to overcome its effects helps us to recover and assist with the healing process.

The effects of trauma typically range from anxiety and panic, intrusive thoughts, images and dreams, avoiding all thoughts of the event and feeling either numb or on high alert. Unexplained physical illness and marked changes in outlook and behaviour are also common and can greatly affect you and impact on those around you.

Trauma arises from being involved in or witnessing an event in which your survival, well being and personal safety are threatened. These events are wide ranging and may include:

  • Accidents
  • Assaults – physical and sexual
  • Bullying and harassment at school or at work
  • Emotional, physical, verbal and sexual abuse
  • Humiliating, emotionally distressing childhood experiences
  • Murder, suicide, violent death, war and combat
  • Bereavement and loss of a someone close to us

Trauma symptoms can be normalised, understood and reduced with the support of a skilled trauma therapist. With her many years of experience in this field, Maggie Heap will help you to safely find resolution to the memories, the physical imprint and emotional effects of trauma.

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